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Delivery Timing & Methods

Video Delivery Timing

Quality takes time. And, while post-production editing is tedious and time consuming, it is critical to delivering high-quality video. And Premium Videos are especially time consuming to edit and produce. This is because merging each camera angle (splicing) into one seamless video, and adding and then re-adding arrows each time the camera pans or zooms, takes an exceptionally long time in order to deliver high-quality results; otherwise there are a lot of mistakes and/or sloppy splicing/merging in the final video.

So, turnaround time can sometimes be 3 to 4 weeks after payment is received, although it is often MUCH faster if you place your order by 12PM noon the immediate Tuesday after a trial completes AND if there isn't a large backlog of videos in the editing queue. 

If a fast turn-around time is critical, contact us for a more specific delivery-date estimate for your trial.

Situations Where Turnaround Time Will Be Longer Than 4 Weeks

1. Ordering >5 Days After A Trial

Add on an additional 1 week to the typical turnaround time if you place your order 5 days (or longer) after a trial has finished. This is because videos are edited in batches to enable an efficient work flow, both of which are necessary to minimize overall turnaround time.

2. Paying By Check

Add on an additional 1.5 weeks to the typical turnaround time if you'd like to pay by check. This is because a special trip must be made to deposit your check and then it must first clear in our account before we can add your order to our video processing queue.

3. Flash Drive Delivery of Videos

Add on an additional 2 weeks to the typical turnaround time if you'd like your videos delivered via the US Post Office. If you'd like the fastest possible delivery of your videos, utilize the standard video delivery method of digital download (scroll down for delivery methods).

Videos are processed (and delivered) in the order in which payment is received.

So, there may be a 1 to 2 week difference between when you receive our videos and when someone else from your same trial receives their videos. Also, if you happen to see videos posted on social media from a trial that took place after your trial, and you haven't received your videos yet, that's because payment was received for those video orders before your payment was received (meaning, they were ahead of you in the video editing queue). So, please keep all of this information in mind before following up on the status of your outstanding video order(s).

Video Delivery Methods

Digital Downloads

The standard delivery method is via digital download. Choose this option if you'd like free delivery and the fastest possible turnaround time for your trial videos. Once your videos have been processed, Colleen will upload them to your own personal gallery she creates for you. She will then email a download link, along with download instructions, to the email address you provide during the Checkout process.

US Post Office

Alternatively, we could mail your videos on a 4GB USB Flash Drive (Thumb Drive), via the US Post Office. There is an additional charge of $10 for the shipping and handling for this delivery method. Note, you should add on an additional 2 weeks to the standard turnaround time if you choose this delivery method (scroll up for video delivery timing).