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Delivery Timing & Methods

Canine Video Delivery from Phoenix, MD, to Anywhere

Quality takes time. At Colleen M. Griffith Productions, we aim to deliver the outstanding videos you and your dog deserve while also fitting into your schedule. We pay careful attention during post-production editing to ensure the final product showcases your canine to the fullest effect. Merging each camera angle into one seamless video and adding and then re-adding arrows each time the camera pans or zooms takes a long time, but the results are well worth the wait. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about canine video delivery from Phoenix, MD.

Turnaround Times: What to Expect

Typical turnaround time is 1 to 3 weeks after payment is received. However, turnaround is much faster if you place your order before noon the immediate Tuesday after a trial completes and there isn't a large backlog of videos in our editing queue. When time is of the essence, contact us for a more specific delivery date estimate.

Our premium dog videos are processed and delivered in the order in which payment is received. Thus, there may be a 1 to 2 week difference between when you receive your videos and when someone from the same trial receives theirs. If you see videos on social media from a trial that took place after yours, and you haven't received your videos yet, it means payment was received for those video orders before yours was. Please keep this information in mind before following up on the status of your order.

Situations Where Turnaround Time Will Be Longer

1. Ordering >5 Days After a Trial

Add 1 week to the typical turnaround time if you place your order 5 days (or longer) after a trial has finished. This is because premium dog videos are edited in batches for an efficient workflow that minimizes overall turnaround time.

2. Paying By Check

Add 1.5 weeks to the typical turnaround time if you pay by check. A special trip must be made to deposit your check, and then it must clear in our account before we can add your order to the queue.

3. Flash Drive Delivery of Videos

Add 2 weeks to the typical turnaround time if your videos are delivered via USPS. For the fastest possible canine video delivery, utilize our digital download option instead.

Two Video Delivery Methods for Your Convenience

Our dog competition photographer and videographer offers two delivery methods:

Digital Downloads: Choose this option for free delivery and the fastest possible turnaround time. Once your videos have been processed, we will upload them to a private gallery and send the download link and instructions to the email address you provide during checkout.

Flash Drive: We can also mail your videos on a 4GB USB flash drive via USPS for an additional charge of $15 for the cost of the drive, and shipping & handling. Note that this adds 2 weeks to the standard turnaround time.