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Frequently Asked Questions

Recapturing the Competition with Canine Video Services in Phoenix, MD

You and your pet spend all of your spare time training for and competing in the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) competitions. Each year, your dedication and skill levels grow as the two of you work together as one cohesive human/canine unit.

A tool that helps you advance is canine video services in Phoenix, MD, from Colleen M Griffith Productions. She is a talented and experienced videographer and photographer who’s well-known in the region for her work. She’s a trusted professional at capturing the details of canine sporting competition recording.

Ask Colleen to take a video of your dog’s performance. You can look it over and see where the two of you were especially strong or where you need some work. Canine video services only can improve your performance as you can pause the action and see what happened at key points along the way. Choose from standard or premium video services.

Colleen also is a skillful dog photographer for those after-competition photos of you and your dog. How about pictures following a great run or maybe a celebration photo you can frame? You’ll always be happy you made the arrangements to capture those special moments for memories you’ll cherish.

Call Colleen for a consultation of your canine’s nose work performance or competition photos.

Below, we offer FAQs about sample and full videos of the competition:

Are Sample Videos provided?

Yes, 1 to 2 sample videos for each element filmed, in every trial, will be posted to www.ColleenMGriffith.com/Nosework 1 to 2 weeks after the trial has completed.  Sample videos are posted so competitors can gauge the video quality for each element filmed, in each specific trial, including evaluating the camera angles(s) and coverage of the search area, determining visibility of the hide location(s), and understanding where dynamic (panning and zooming) and static (wide-angle only) filming techniques were utilized. 

When buying video from Elite, Element Specialty, and the Interior Elements of NW2 and NW3 trials, you'll need to utilize the specific search number posted beneath each sample video, for each search your buying, during your Checkout process. 

Sample videos are posted only after we receive the competitors permission to post the video of their search.

Can I preview the videos of my searches before I buy them?

It is not possible for competitors to preview their individual videos before they purchase them (meaning, the only way to watch the video of your searches is to buy them). Videoing a NACSW NW trial is not like photographing the competitors during their searches. For example, for the NACSW trialing venue, NACSW prohibits video services from publishing trial video in any sort of public way, with the exception of posting 1 to 2 sample videos per element filmed (with prior approval from the competitor in those sample videos). In addition, it's entirely too labor intensive to process each video of each trial, create a custom folder for each competitor and upload videos into individual password protected galleries for each competitor, and then send a separate customized email to each competitor, for each of the 50 trials we film each year.  This labor-intensive work can only be completed after a purchase is made. 

Hence, we post sample videos so you can utilize them to judge the quality of your videos since a video is chosen to be posted as a sample only if it's representative of all videos of that search. Via the sample videos, you can see how many camera angles were filmed for each search, quality of the videos, each camera angle, total number of hides visible in each camera angle, specific hide location(s), etc. Also, feel free to read through customer testimonials to see what others have to say about the videos they purchased from us. 

What happens after I place an order?

You will automatically receive an email containing the details of the videos you ordered. Please check it to ensure it's correct and notify us immediately if it isn't.

Videos are added to the video editing queue in the order in which the payment was received. When your videos are finished being edited, they will be uploaded to your own private folder on our video download site. You will then be emailed with a direct link to your specific folder, which contains only the videos you ordered. The email will also contain instructions on how to download your videos from your personal folder. Competitor videos are not posted publically, which is why you will be sent a link to your own personal folder when your videos are uploaded to it. Please read the Delivery page to understand the expected delivery time for your order. 

Why are videos available for sale for only 3 weeks after each trial?

This policy is due primarily to digital-media space constraints. We capture Full High Definition videos which require a lot of memory. For a typical trial weekend, I'll capture 3 TB of video. And since I often video every weekend, that's 12TB of video in one month alone. If you've ever priced reliable high-quality external storage devices for Macintosh computers, a 12TB drive is VERY expensive. And in 2018 we'll film about 45 NACSW NW trials, so that requires a significant amount of digital storage media. So, in order for us to store the videos longer than 3 weeks, prices would need to be raised to cover the cost of the additional storage devices, and it's clear from our regular customer satisfaction surveys, competitors would not be willing to pay extra for us to store the videos longer.  So, after the 3 week purchasing deadline passes, all video from that trial is deleted from all of our systems, including our download site and all backup copies. 

Can I upgrade my Standard videos to Premium videos?

Yes. This can be done for a current trial as well as past trials (where the purchasing deadline has already passed). 

If you HAVE NOT yet received the email with your download instructions for downloading your videos, just send Colleen a note letting her know you'd like to upgrade. She can provide you with a full refund on your Standard videos and then you can add to your Shopping Cart and purchase the Premium videos instead. 

If you HAVE already received the email with instructions for downloading your videos, we can give you a 25% discount on the purchase price of Premium edited videos. Because there is still a lot of work to add the arrows and combine multiple camera angles to create a Premium video, we still need to charge for that extra work; but since we'll be utilizing your Standard edited videos as a starting point, we're able to provide this discount. If you'd like to do this, send Colleen a note and she'll provide further instructions. (Also note that we would not be able to refund you for your Standard videos, since they have already been delivered.)

How do I download my videos from your download site?

Click here for detailed instructions on how to download your videos from our download site. This document also contains trouble-shooting tips in case you're having trouble with your download. And a link to this same information will also be included in the email you receive containing the link to your personal folder with your personal videos. [Note: you will only be able to download your videos after you've purchased them. Scroll up and read the FAQ "Can I preview the videos of my searches before I buy them?" for more information.]

Can I post my videos on social media or to my business website?

Typically yes, since both the Standard and Premium videos now include one Personal Use and one Business Use license in the price for each. Read the Licensing FAQs to understand the details of licensing rights as well as both the Personal Use and Business Use licenses, specifically.

Can I buy NACSW trial videos of other dog/handler teams?

Current NACSW rules allow us to distribute NACSW trial video ONLY to the dog's owner for all NACSW trials. So, if you wanted to purchase trial video of a dog/handler team, for a dog you don't own, you could still pay for the video, but you would need to obtain the trial video directly from the dog owner. Keep in mind that only one Personal Use license and one Business Use license are included in the price for each search; read the Licensing FAQs to understand more.

So, for example, if you wanted to give the gift of NACSW trial video to the dog's owner, you could buy that dog's trial video via the SHOP NOW page, and in the Comments field at the bottom of the Checkout page, you'd need to include the email address or physical mailing address, for the dog's owner and also mention the videos are being bought as a gift, so that the videos are sent to the dog's owner per NACSW rules.

And if you're a dog trainer for example, and would like to post the video of your student on your dog training business page, you could buy the video of that dog/handler team, but you'd need to include the dog's owner's email or physical mailing address during the Checkout process so the video(s) could be sent to the dog's owner, per NACSW rules. And since there is one Business Use and one Personal Use license automatically included with both Standard and Premium videos now, you could post a copy of the video on your Business page (utilizing the Business Use license), and your student could post a copy of the video on her personal Social Media page (utilizing the Personal Use license) as well.

What is your Privacy Policy?

We are passionately comitted to the privacy of our customers. We will not share any information about you when you utilize Colleen M Griffith Production services, including your personal information (postal address, email, phone number(s), etc) or your purchasing history (i.e., we won't disclose if you did or did not purchase video of your trial searches). Furthermore, we will not utilize your email address to spam you or "hard sell" you on trial video - we will only use it for questions about your order and to send a customer satisfaction survey after your videos are sent. 

And what happens at trial, stays at trial. For example, if your dog pees in the search area, we will not disclose to other competitors that it was your dog who left his/her mark in the search area (for training purposes, however, we may disclose that there was "fresh dog urine" in the search area so that competitors can learn what their dog "looked like" when they encountered that spot in a trial situation). Furthermore, we will not post any video of your searches in any public way (for example, as a sample video), without first obtaining permission from you. And we do not gossip regarding team performance, or anything else we happen to see while working a trial, etc.

If you have any concerns or questions at all regarding your privacy and the privacy of your personal information as it relates to our services, please don't hesitate to contact us.