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Video Details – Competition Videos, Nose Work Videos, & More – Phoenix, MD

Capturing high-quality video at canine sporting events is more complicated than it might seem. You can’t simply point your camera, hit record, and expect the results you want. Capturing these videos is truly an art form that requires a unique skill set and a comprehensive understanding of canine behavior, not to mention an in-depth knowledge of the competitions in which these furry athletes take part.

At Colleen M. Griffith Productions, located in Phoenix, MD, we have the necessary skills and knowledge to produce exceptional competition videos and nose work videos. Our team is proud to have perfected this art form, and we enjoy nothing better than using our capabilities to support fellow dog lovers, owners, and trainers throughout Maryland as well as in 7 other Eastern states.

An Unwavering Commitment to Quality

We’re the only name you need to remember when it comes to canine competition videos in the entire northeast region of the country. Our stellar reputation is a result of our dedication to producing high-quality videos that capture all your favorite moments. As a full-service videographer, we’re trusted by dog owners to preserve these happy memories of their canine companions.

Contact Us Today

Contact us today for more details about our dog videography services. We’re always happy to answer your questions and provide the information you need. We also encourage you to check out our sample videos to get an idea of the high-quality work we produce. Read below to see some of the most common questions we receive from prospective clients.

How long are videos available for purchase?

Videos are available for sale only for the immediate 3 weeks after the trial has completed. Specific purchasing deadline dates for each trial are listed in their respective folder on the Sample Videos page. And you may purchase trial videos at any time prior to the search and until the purchasing deadline. Read our scent work video FAQs to learn more about this policy.

When are videos ready for purchase?

You will be able to purchase your scent work video at any time, even before the trial in question is held. However, there are purchasing deadlines for each trail.

You can pay us anytime during the day of your trial (we prefer cash, but will also accept checks and credit cards). To preorder your videos, or to buy up to 3 weeks after the trial has completed, just click on the Shop Now tab at the top of this page - add your videos to your cart and then check out. Or, give us your email address (using the Contact Us Form) and we will provide further details after your trial is completed.

Do you film multiple camera angles?

The number of angles depends largely on the details of the search. Our goal is to use as many angles as are necessary to cover the search and hides. For example, most vehicle searches are filmed using 3 to 4 camera angles, letting us capture the entire search as you and your dog move around each side of each vehicle. However, container searches are often filmed using only one camera angle. We recommend that you check the sample videos for your trial to learn more.

Do I pay more for searches that have multiple camera angles?

We do not ask you to pay more for more angles. Since your videos are purchased as a package for each individual search, the price is the same (at each trial level) regardless if 1 or 4 camera angles are filmed. Your search videos are purchased as a package, so you pay the same amount regardless of the number of angles filmed for each search. Thus, no discounts are offered for individual camara angles where your dog doesn't happen to appear in them (for example, the price is the same even if your dog only appears in 3 of the 4 camera angles filmed for his NW1 vehicle search). 

What is the quality and format of the trial video?

We film all videos in full HD (1920p x 1080p), and all files are provided in .mp4 format. Your videos will be playable on any standard Windows or Mac computer, and can be blown up on large screens, as well as iPhones, and some Android phones.

Can I download it to my iPad or iPhone?

If you need small resolution videos to be played on an iPad or iPhone, just let us know. Do so by using the "Comments/Special Delivery Instructions" comment box during the checkout process. Please note that the unique formatting involved will result in the video being converted to 480p, a lower resolution format.

Canine Nose Work Video Service | Phoenix, MD

If you want high-definition videos as well as lower resolution videos suitable for playback on your iPad/iPhone, those can be provided for a small charge that applies to your entire order. For this option, select "Alternate Formatting For Video" in your shopping cart.

Do you utilize dynamic filming techniques (camera panning and zooming)?

For several searches, a zoom lens will be used to capture the details involved. By zooming in on the dog and handler team, we allow you to better see the body language of dog and searcher while they work. We also pan throughout the search area, enabling us to keep competitors within the frame. Additionally, other angles will also be filmed with a wide-angle lens. You will be able to review sample videos and see which searches are filmed using zooms and pans and from what angles.

Do you film every search in a trial?

Due to a recent NACSW rule change (June 2018), we are currently able to film all interior elements at all trial levels. Please note that there may be some exceptions to that, as the NACSW requires that Certifying Officials (COs) approve camera placement. This sometimes results in some searches not being allowed. For this reason, we encourage you to check the sample videos of your trial.