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Canine Nose Work Video Service | Phoenix, MD

At Colleen M. Griffith Productions, we specialize in canine sporting competition recording. We provide amazing canine nose work video service in Phoenix, MD and around the north east region of the united states.

If you have any questions on our canine video production, canine photography services, or canine scent sports competition sample videos read through this page (scroll down), the other pages on this site, and check out our Frequently Asked Questions . If you have any additional questions, please use the Contact Form to email us - we'd be happy to provide you with more information!

Purchasing Deadlines for 2019 NW Trial Videos

Only video from the below list of trials are for sale. You may purchase trial video at any time, including pre-ordering video, until the purchasing deadlines listed below. Trial videos will be available for sale only for three weeks after each individual trial; then they will be deleted (read our FAQs to learn more about this policy).

(Jan) Oak Ridge, NC: NW3, NW1, ELITE — For sale until 01/30/19
(Feb) Wilson, NC: NW2, NW1 — For sale until 03/11/19
(Mar) Biglerville, PA: NW3, NW3, ELITE — For sale until 03/25/19
(Mar) Dingmans Ferry, PA: NW2, NW2 — For sale until 04/08/19
(Apr) Downingtown, PA: NW1, NW3 — For sale until 04/29/19
(Apr) Newfoundland, PA: L2V, L1I, NW1 — For sale until 05/06/19
(Apr) Sharpsburg, MD: NW3, NW3, ELITE — For sale until 05/13/19
(May) York, PA: NW2, NW3 — For sale until 05/27/19
(May) Carlisle PA: L1V, L1C, NW2 — For sale until 06/03/19

(May) South Sterling, PA: NW3, L2C, L3C — For sale until 06/10/19

(June) Dunkirk, NY: Elite, NW3— For sale until 07/15/19

(July) Mt Laurel, NJ: L1C, L1E, NW1 — For sale until 07/29/19
(July) Central Islip NY: NW3, NW3 — For sale until 08/05/2019
(Sept) Knoxville, MD: NW2, NW3 — For sale until 10/07/19
(Oct) Ellicottville NY: NW1, NW2 — For sale until 10/28/19
(Oct) Hawley PA: L1C, L2I, NW3 — For sale until 11/11/19
(Oct) Milroy, PA: NW3, NW3 — For sale until 11/18/19
(Nov) Harrisburg, PA: NW3, ELITE, ELITE — For sale until 11/25/19
(Nov) Eldred, NY: NW1, NW2— For sale until 12/2/19
(Nov) Parkton, MD: NW1, NW2 — For sale until 12/16/19
(Dec) Smithton, PA: ELITE, NW2 - For sale until 1/2/20
(Dec) Halifax, PA: NW2, L2C, L2I — For sale until 1/6/20
(Dec) Wirtz, VA: NW2, NW3— For sale until 1/20/20

When are videos ready for purchase?

Videos can be bought at any time, including purchasing video before a trial is held, until the purchasing deadline listed for that particular trial.  Just click on the SHOP NOW tab in the menu bar at the top of this page and add the videos to your Shopping Cart and then Check Out. Alternatively, provide your email address via our Email Notification For NW Trial Video Form, and we will email you with more detailed purchasing instructions a few days after your trial is complete.

Do you film multiple camera angles?

In some situations, yes, but it really depends on the search. The objective is to include only as many camera angles as are needed to fully cover the entire search, including the hides, but not limited to only the hide location(s). And we will capture video from multiple camera angles when it is necessary to accomplish this.

For example, Vehicle searches are filmed using 2 to 4 camera angles (depending on the search) so that we can capture your entire search as you and your dog move around each side of each vehicle, while Container searches are often filmed using only one camera angle.

Check the sample videos for your specific trial, since they will show how many camera angles were filmed for each search, as well as each camera position. 

Do I pay more for searches that have multiple camera angles?

No. The price is the same whether 1 camera angle or 3 camera angles were filmed for a particular search for example. Because when you buy video of a search, you're paying for coverage of the entire search, regardless of the number of camera angles that were necessary to fully capture that particular search area.

So, for searches where multiple camera angles are filmed, the videos from each camera angle are sold as a package for that particular search, for one all-inclusive price, and will not be sold separately  (meaning, if your dog's entire search was fully captured by one camera angle, for example, you can't obtain a discount/refund for the other camera angles where your dog doesn't appear, since the objective of capturing your dog's search has already been met). 

What is the quality and format of the trial video?

All nose work videos, for all camera angles, are filmed in Full High Definition resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) and the files are provided in .mp4 format. The videos are automatically formatted so that they can be downloaded onto and played on any standard Windows or Mac computer (either desktop or laptop), and you may also be able to download them onto some Android phones.

Can I download to my iPad or iPhone?

If you would like your videos formatted for download and playback on an iPad or an iPhone, INSTEAD OF automatically being formatted for download and playback on a desktop or laptop computer, please make a special request for that using the "Comments/Special Delivery Instructions" comment box you'll find in the last step of the Checkout process when buying your videos, since they'll require special formatting. Keep in mind this special formatting

Canine Nose Work Video Service | Phoenix, MD

will provide videos that are formatted at 480p and hence will be small enough that they can be emailed. It's also important to note this will result in a significant reduction in pixel density (they will not be Full High Definition video which is 1080p), so their quality will be quite poor if you try to blow them up fill a computer or TV screen during playback

If you'd like your videos to be formatted for BOTH Full High Definition (for playback on a desktop, laptop computer, or large TV) AND for viewing on an iPad or iPhone, there will be an extra charge to send both copies (two differently formatted versions of each video). If you'd like this option, add the product "Alternate Formatting For Video" to your shopping cart before you check out.

Do you utilize dynamic filming techniques (camera panning and zooming)?

Yes, for several of the searches in a trial, we will use a zoom lens and zoom in on the dog/handler team, filling the frame of the video so that it's possible to see the nuances of both the dog's and handler's body language when they're searching. For those videos, we will also pan around the search area to ensure the competitors always stay within the frame. All additional camera angles will be filmed using a wide-angle lens with no zoom. Review the sample videos to see which searches are filmed dynamically (using zooming and panning) and from which angles.

Do you film every search in a trial?

In many cases, we will now be able to film every search in a trial.  This is due to a recent NACSW rule change starting mid June 2018, where NACSW now permits all Interior Elements to be filmed at all trial levels. However, there will be situations where there are exceptions to this general rule. This is because NACSW rules require the Certifying Official (CO) to approve the placement of every camera, for every search; and occasionally the CO prohibits a particular search from being filmed either due to space constraints or for some other reason. Occasionally the CO also requires a camera to be moved or restricts the camera placement to one exact spot. Hence, be certain to check the sample videos to see which specific searches were filmed for your trial, and to also evaluate camera angles to see which hide locations can be seen directly, before you place your order for your trial videos.