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Our Commitment to Quality

Our objective is to video your entire search and the entire search area, including having good visibility to each hide location. And we will capture video from multiple camera angles when it is necessary to accomplish this. For example, all Vehicle searches are filmed using multiple camera angles so that we can capture your entire search as you and your dog as you move around each side of each vehicle. 

Furthermore, we post one or two Sample Videos for each Search Element we film, in each trial, so competitors can review them prior to making a purchase. The sample videos are representative of the quality competitors can expect for their videos. For example, sample videos can be used to evaluate camera placement and angles, number of camera angles filmed, visibility of hides, and when and where static and dynamic (panning and zooming) filming techniques are utilized, etc.

And to ensure our customers are pleased, we also routinely send out anonymous customer satisfaction surveys. This helps us determine how to continuously improve our trial videos and service offering.

To learn more about our strong commitment to delivering quality video, read our detailed Commitment to Quality PDF document. Please also review our Refunds section to learn more about our Refund policy.